Lesson Plan – March 15, 2023 Faith That Overcomes – Learning His Voice Contd.

Faith That Overcomes. Part 3 – Learning His Voice contd.


In Part 1 we established that the Lord Jesus gave us His Holy Spirit to be with us as a helper (John 14:15-17). In part 2 we further examined the subject of hearing the voice of God. We learned that God speaks to us as His children through His Written Word, Visions and Dreams, and The Audible Voice. Today we will look at 3 more ways in which He speaks to us which are Inner Witness, Circumstantial Evidence, and Third Parties.

In our convoluted world, we need God’s voice more than ever to help us overcome the many trials and temptations. We need His voice for comfort and strength. We need His voice for in His voice we find and receive life.

Guided Group Discussion

Scripture Reading: Please read 1 Corinthians 2:9-16

What stood out to you in the scripture text?

  • Please discuss your observations as a group

Guided Conversations

God can choose to speak to us in any manner at any time. We must be open and pay attention to other ways He speaks and confirms things to our spirit. Do not forget that He is God and “does as He pleases.” Psalm 115:3.

(Today we are adding 3 more ways our Father speaks to us. In the previous study we had the first 3)

3. The Inner Witness

The inner witness is a firm confirmation within your spirit. This is very important because it does lay the foundation of our confidence that we are God’s children.

  • Read Romans 8:15-16, Romans 9:1
  • The Spirit bears witness with our Spirits that we are God’s children.
  • Do you feel or attest to this confirmation deep within you?
  • Like Paul, in Romans 9:1 as we grow in faith the Spirit also confirms other things to us by a firm and unshakeable inner witness within our spirit.

4. Third-Party Witness

This is when God uses another person or group of people to confirm His will.

  • Read Acts 9:10-17
  • Ananias was minding his own business when the Lord interrupted his day.
  • Ananias became a third-party witness to what God was doing in Paul’s life
  • Do you have any times when this has happened to you?
  • Pay attention! Watch, as God often uses the word or actions of others to confirm His will.

5. Circumstantial Confirmations

This is when God uses a circumstance to confirm His will.

  • Read 2 Samuel 5:17-25
  • How many times in this passage did the Lord speak to David?
  • Do you see a difference between each of the times he heard from the Lord?

Also with circumstances, it may just be as simple as doors opening while others close. An example is Abraham going to Egypt during a severe famine (Genesis 12:10) but then in Isaac’s time God did not permit him to go to Egypt. (See Genesis 26:1-3)


The Lord our God the Creator is our Father in Heaven and wants to be in communication with us. On our part, we must be plugged into Him with the desire to hear from Him. The best way to engage the Lord is to create time to engage Him in conversation and He will definitely talk to us in return. As a follower of Jesus (Christian), you cannot enjoy a powerful, joyful life and fruitful life without the voice of the Father in and around you in whatever way He chooses to speak. Do not forget the famous words of scripture in Deuteronomy 8:3 that says “man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” Our lives are totally dependent on Him.

Prayer Time

  • Any Praise Reports?
  • Praise God for the many ways in which God speaks to us
  • Pray that we learn to obey His voice in whatever way He is confirming things to us.
  • Pray for one another’s needs as needed.


  • Next Small Groups Wednesday, April 1
  • Prayer Summit Saturday, April 1, from 12 pm to 3 pm. Fasting Recommended
  • Next Small Groups March 29: Faith That Overcomes Part 4 – The Hebrews 11 Hall of Faith

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