Lesson Plan – March 16, 2022

“Make it a habit to share your faith stories. “

Scripture Reading: (Mark 16:9-15)(Psalm 27)(Romans 1:16)(Please read and discuss with the questions)


Last small groups we talked about our habits. Sometimes we don’t notice how many tiny habits we already have, but even if we don’t notice them they’re still really powerful. Over time, our habits shape who we are. We talked about how spending time with God can change the course of our lives and faith. Today we’re going to talk about making it a habit to share our faith stories. Imagine what would happen to our faith and to the people around us if we made it a habit to share our faith stories! Let’s look at some scriptures and find out what the Bible has to say about sharing our stories.


Jesus commanded his disciples to go share His story all over the world. (Read Mark 16:9-15)

  • What habit did Jesus challenge His disciples to develop?
  • Do you usually make it a habit to talk about God with other people? How often do you do it?
  • Have you ever talked about your faith with someone who didn’t share your beliefs? What was that like?
  • How would you define “the gospel”? Why is it good news?

The disciples had courage and confidence to share the good news. (Read Psalm 27)

  • Where do you think this confidence and courage came from?
  • Do you think the disciples were ever afraid or had trouble sharing the good news?

We all need to hear other people’s faith stories because we all need to be pointed toward Jesus, the source of light, joy, and hope. (Read Romans 1:16)

  • Have you ever felt ashamed to talk about God with someone? Why or why not?
  • Do you think there’s a wrong way to talk about your faith with someone? Why do you think so?
  • How do you think we can start faith conversations that feel natural and authentic (not forced or uncomfortable)?
  • What is your faith story so far?


Jesus challenged His friends and followers to share their stories of faith wherever they went because the world needed to know about the light of God’s good news and salvation. You can’t control how someone responds to your story of faith when you share it. The only thing you can do is share. In the process, someone will always be transformed. Sometimes it will be them and sometimes it will be you. When you share your story, it might encourage others to start their own journey with God, but it will definitely help you grow in your faith and get clearer about who God is to you. Your story matters because it is evidence of God’s light and good news in your life. Even when our stories are imperfect and unfinished, our stories can help others discover the truth of God’s love. So this week, let’s make it a habit to share our stories. 


  • Father God help us share the Good News to every creature. (Mark 16:9-15)
  • Father God help us be bold and unashamed as we share the Good News. (Romans 1:16)
  • Pray (Psalm 27) over yourself just as David did.
  • Pray for one another as needed.


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