Lesson Plan – February 17, 2021

Jesus The Power of God 3 – The Prayer Connection

Scripture Reading: (Mark 14:32-37)  (Please read and discuss)


Last time we gathered we looked at prayer as the secret of the power of God in the life of Christ. Jesus said we are to watch and pray in order not to fall into temptation. In our scripture passage the Lord showed great concern that the disciples could not pray for 1 hour. What is it really about an hour of prayer? Isn’t it just okay to pray for 5 minutes? Why do many Christians today just like the disciples fall asleep more often when it is time to pray? Does that happen to you?

Daniel Lemky in today’s very brief message clip stated clearly “that to me is what grace really is…grace is the ability to do what we cannot do on our own.” He rounds up by saying “by His grace we are able to push through.” The GRACE of God that came upon Daniel helped him pray the way he did on that day of visitation in the summer of 2013. He ended up throwing the chewing tobacco away ridding him of a 3 year addiction.

The Bible says “we do not know how to pray as we ought” Today we will continue looking at the work of grace in prayer and how we can also receive grace to pray. Have you ever prayed for one whole hour?


Praying for 1 hour

Read the scripture verses provided and make notes on what you observe. What do you see? What stands out to you? Why do you think Jesus requested the disciples pray for 1 hour?

  • Luke 22:39-46
  • Matthew 26:36-44
  • Luke 9:28-32

How grace comes to pray for 1 or more hours

Read Luke 22:41-43

  • An Angel appeared from heaven strengthening Him. Vs. 43
  • Do you believe heaven is involved when you pray?
  • What do you think will happen if you pray for 1 hour?
  • Let us all pray for the grace to pray for 1 hour with the sample prayer below:

Father of our Lord Jesus Christ in whom everything in Heaven and on Earth is named, I ask that you grant me, (insert your name) to be strengthened from Heaven with might through Your Spirit with grace to pray for 1 hour and more. Help my spirit overcome my flesh with the ability to pray according to your will in Jesus name. Amen 

Don’t stop at yourself. Pray for your spouse, family members and friends as applicable. You can adapt this sample for any one else or a group of people as you feel led to.

What will you do if you attempt a 1 hour prayer session.

  • What will you do during an hour of prayer? How will you divide your time to make the best of it? Consider dividing an hour into four 15 minute increments.


Jesus is the truth and if He advocated praying for 1 hour we should be creating opportunities for ourselves when we are able to pray for 1 hour. It may require taking time away from our usual schedules just as Jesus took the disciples to Gethsemane. 


  • Pray for yourself to become a person of prayer this year
  • Pray for personal revival
  • Pray for one another as needed
  • Let us cry out to the Lord to provide $80,000 as we approach the end of construction of our new location


  • Next Small Groups is March 3 2021
  • End times teaching event with Brad Sullivan from Surge Church, Mobile Alabama Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 7pm each night

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