Lesson Plan – October 28, 2020

Are We Still Following Jesus?

Scripture Reading: Matthew 4:18-22


The year 2020 has been a roller coaster year and you know why. What we all thought would last a few weeks or at most a month, has basically taken most of this year to unravel impacting us in a way the world has not seen for more than 75 years. 

We began the year with the theme “Following Jesus” with a message series before the lockdown as well as some adapted Bible study topics around the same theme during the lockdown. In our Bible passage for today the people Jesus first called followed Him until the end except for a man called Judas.

In today’s study we want to start where the Bible says we must and that is to examine ourselves to see if we are truly in the faith. See 2 Corinthians 13:5. So let us examine ourselves with the bright light of scripture.


What Does Following Jesus Mean to You? 1 Corinthians 11:1

Describe in your own terms with several different words what you think Christ’s expectation is of His followers by filling the blank in the following sentence: 

“Jesus wants me to _________________________”
Examples: Listen, Walk with Him, Sing His Praise, as many as you can find

Are there moments in your life where Following Jesus has been challenging? 

  • Describe situations where it has been difficult to do what Jesus would have done
  • Do you ever experience the “temptation” to give up? Yes or No
  • What suggestions can we advance for overcoming the temptation to give up believing

With Covid 19 and its impact on public worship in our city and nation, how do you think we can practically best reflect Christ as individuals and a local church? 1 Peter 3:13-17

Read 1 Peter 3:13-17 and discuss in the following areas:

  • What do you say to mockers of our faith who say things like “if there was a God why would He allow all this?” 
  • Your relationship with other Christians in the church of God.
  • Do you think with non-believers we can be effective in bringing people to Christ at this time?


  • Pray for speed as we move to a different phase of construction at 106 Burnett Ave.
  • Pray for one another as needed


  • Small Groups
    Next Small Groups is November 11, 2020
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