Lesson Plan – April 29, 2020

Putting Faith to Work in Trying Times: Divine Visions

Scripture Reading: Genesis 15:1-6, Hebrews 10:7


This week our study in the series will focus on studying how God employs the visions He has placed in our heart to power us through the finish line. 

Before the fall of Adam and Eve there was no separation between the spiritual and material realm. Fellowship was instant and on demand such that the Lord came in and went out of Eden without the need for a petitioning. Sin resulted in removing that completely. Jesus came to restore the fullness of fellowship between God and humankind. 1Timothy 2:5, and as a result those who believe in Christ are given the power to become children of God. John 1:12

As His Children He gave us His Holy Spirit to help us live in the “reality” of the supernatural in a natural world. We have the Holy Scriptures to provide us guidance on any subject in order that we may do His will here on earth.

Understanding Divine Vision

  • God has a purpose to which He has invited us to partner with Him in one way or the other. 1 Corinthians 3:9
  • Because He is a Spirit He delivers His plans and purposes to us by The Holy Spirit. Luke 2:25-26, 1 Corinthians 2:10-12, Acts 21:10-14
  • The writer finds in the scriptural examples given three things at play Problem, Prayer and Progress.

Study & Discussion

With each sub-section following, please read the scriptures and use the questions to discuss your findings as it relates to challenging times for our faith.

God, Visions, The Patriarchs and More

The Patriarchs are Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Here we look at Abraham and Isaac and then a descendant, Daniel for insight on the subject.

Abram – Genesis 15:1-6

  • Why do you think God appeared to Abram?
  • Why do you think God told Abram to “look” up at the stars and try counting? What was The Lord aiming at? 
  • What else is remarkable in these verses?

Isaac – Genesis 25:21-26

  • How did Isaacs problem turn out?
  • What lessons are applicable for today?
  • Do you find anything else that stands out to you?

Daniel – Daniel 2:10-23

  • What do you see at play between the natural and supernatural realms?
  • Is God still working in these ways today and do you have any such experiences?
  • Why do you think this appears like an “off topic” for many today?
  • Should we be talking about these things? Yes or No and Why? 


A critical aspect of our faith is learning and heeding the voice of the Spirit and knowing when God is speaking to you within the boundaries of scripture. Next week our study will continue on how God employs the visions He has placed in our heart to help us to make it to the finish line looking at “God, Visions and You.”


  • Give thanks for small groups success this year
  • Give thanks for personal spiritual growth in the lives of JFC attendees
  • Praise God for the end of Covid 19
  • Pray for the families who lost a dear one during this time
  • Pray for God to add new members to us at this time
  • Add any prayer requests from small group members


  • Small Groups
    Small Groups will wind up at the end of May 2020
  • May 1 – Online Youth Hangout at 7pm
    Zoom call – details on our events page
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