Lesson Plan – February 19, 2020

Follow Jesus #2

Scripture Reading: John 6:1-3


There is no doubt that following Jesus is a joyful experience. However there are challenges that come with the decision to follow Jesus. It was after the disciples entered the boat with Jesus that they encountered a storm. Our response to the challenges that arise may be an indicator of what follower type we are.

There are three types of Jesus followers: Crowd, Committed and Core followers. Which one are you? 


The Crowd Follower:

  • Tend to follow only for what they can SEE or GET from Jesus. (Please read John 6:26)
  • Leave Jesus under the slightest hint of pressure. (John 6:60-66)
  • What other characteristics do you think crowd followers may exhibit? 

The Committed Follower:

  • Tend to climb with Jesus. John 6:3
  • They are confirmed and become conduits of grace. Luke 8:1-3
  • May change under pressure. John 6:66-68
  • Describe any other characteristic of the committed Jesus follower

The Core Follower:

  • Is a committed follower who continues to grow in love with Jesus. Matthew 17:1
  • Cemented in Christ, won’t change under pressure. John 6:66-68
  • What else do you think core followers may exhibit?


Every Christian begins at the crowd level. Bear in mind that the crowd also got offended at Jesus (John 6:66-68). God does not want you to stay at the crowd level. He calls us to climb higher with Jesus. The committed and the core climb higher with Jesus. Paul the apostle paints this picture clearly in Philippians 3:13-14 (Please read). Time to climb brothers and sisters.


  • Lord Jesus give us the grace to walk with you as committed disciples.


  • Youth & Young Adults Bowling – Friday, February 21st. Please Register online
  • Church Wide Breakfast – Saturday, February 29th. Please register online
  • Upper Room Prayer – Tuesday, February 25th. 83 Henderson Hwy @ 7pm
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