Lesson Plan – February 5, 2020

Follow Jesus

Scripture Reading: Matthew 4:19-22


Our theme for this year is “Follow Jesus.” To follow Jesus means to practice his teachings. Followers are called disciples. 

Looking around at our world today, it appears that following Jesus is becoming increasingly difficult especially considering the fact that Christians are the butt of jokes on national television as well as the clear attempt to ridicule anything Christian in popular movies. Is it difficult to follow Jesus? Can we be true disciples in our present-day? 


What is Jesus’ promise to those who respond to His “Follow Me” call? Read Matthew 4:19

  • Discuss the words Make or Show. What is there to Make in you? Can Jesus make you a better worshiper, giver, witness, prayer warrior? 
  • Would you be interested in what He has to show you? 
  • What else do you see or deduce from this story that you can apply to yourself? 

What does “Follow Jesus” really mean to you?

  • Review the scripture verses again. Are there any words that stand out to you? 
  • How would you describe the response of Peter, Andrew, James, and John?
  • Do you notice James and John had their father Zebedee with them when Jesus called them? What does that reveal or teach us? 


If we don’t follow Him, He cannot MAKE or SHOW us much. Read Mark 6:1-5

Jesus was limited in what He would have done in Nazareth because they were offended by Him. They refused the “follow me” invitation.


  • Women’s Event ‘Restoration’: Saturday, Feb 8th from 7-9:30 pm at 19 Allan Rouse Cove

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