Lesson Plan – January 8, 2020

Your Divine Assignment

Scripture Reading: John 3:16, John 20:21-22


Today we will conclude our conversation on Divine Assignment. Last time we met, we talked about 7 assignment killers. Today we shall explore 7 assignment boosters. While assignment killers loom to truncate our work and walk with God, assignment boosters help us succeed.

7 Assignment Boosters
Please read each scripture where applicable and review what you learn about the noted assignment booster.

  1. Favour Luke 1:26-28
  2. Faith Luke 1:34-38
  3. Force Luke 2:13-14, Matthew 28:2
  4. Fire Matthew 3:11, 16
  5. Form Matthew 4:1-11
  6. Funding Matthew 2:11
  7. Friends John 15:15


God has called us to work with Him. He has assignments for you and everyone who decides to follow Jesus. You will succeed in Jesus name.


  • Pray for Christian leaders to be encouraged in their assignment as well as believers in their walk with God.
  • Pray for our Dream Team as we begin the work in earnest at our new location. We all need assignment boosters 


  • Do you know anyone who loves to support God’s work financially? Please send them to ahomeforjoy.ca so they can give to our building project at the new location. Blessings as you serve the Lord in this way. 
  • If you have an offering or tithe you may give online anytime through the church website at joyfountainchurch.com. Just click on the “give” button and follow the prompts. May you be blessed several fold. 

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