Lesson Plan – December 4, 2019


Scripture Reading: John 15:4-16


In today’s Bible reading, Jesus our Lord makes it abundantly clear that His disciples should produce fruit.

In Genesis 8:22, God spoke to Noah saying “seedtime and harvest will not cease…” In the NLT translation, it says “…there will be planting and harvest…” The principle is made abundantly clear just as we heard from the video message.

Every farmer knows that there is a time to put seeds in the ground and a time to harvest the crops. If it weren’t so, no farmer will be out planting during planting season. In the same manner life itself follows a pattern of planting and harvesting. We can look at whatever we do as believers through the lense of seeds sown towards a time of harvest. It is important to note that harvest is the evidence of seed sown.

Some foundational truths:

  • Sowing is whatever we do
  • There are good and bad seeds. Bad seeds will produce a bad harvest
  • If the farmer does not put the seed in the ground there will be no harvest
  • Seed is all we have

Discuss Seedtime and Harvest in Everyday Living

  1. What condition does Jesus give for fruitfulness – John 15:4
  2. Define and describe the types of seeds we can plant? (Name seed types)
  3. Where, when, and how do you think we should plant seeds?
  4. How do we respond to the conditions around us that discourage sowing? (Read Ecclesiastes 11:4)


There is always a harvest for the seeds we plant as God chooses in His own time (1 Corinthians 15:58). We must not be so concerned about the outcome of our seeds sown because the outcome is God’s prerogative (1 Cor 3:6-8). The time and seasons of the fruit of any harvest are all in our loving Father’s hands (Acts 1:6-7). Be sure that while we wait for harvest, His presence and comfort will always be with us. Keep planting good seed for a good harvest.


  • Give thanks for God’s grace over us in the year 2019 that is now coming to an end
  • Pray that we be intentional in planting good seeds
  • Pray for the destruction of any bad seed that may have been sown


  • Small Group dates in January have been changed due to the holiday – Instead of Jan 1 (New Years Day) and 15, we will be meeting on Jan 8 and 22.

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