Lesson Plan – November 20, 2019

Angels Among Us?

Scripture Reading: Acts 27:18-26, Hebrews 1:14


According to Hebrews 1:14 “angels are only servants – spirits sent to care for the people who will inherit salvation”

The subject of angels is not one that we hear of regularly. The entire scriptures have many stories of angels who are sent by God, appearing to humans for different assignments. (Hebrews 1:14). With clear evidence of angelic ministry (especially for God’s people) in the scriptures, it would be helpful if we as Jesus followers today learn what we can from the information that God has provided in His word.

What do you know about the ministry of angles today?

What are your thoughts about the Fox News Story?

Angels and the birth of Christ

The circumstances around the birth of Christ was filled with angelic activity. Mary was visited by the Angel Gabriel (Luke 1:26-35), an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream encouraging him to take Mary to wife (Matthew 1:20), an angel warned Joseph in a dream to escape to Egypt with the baby Jesus (Matthew 2:13), and an angel announced the birth of Christ to shepherds in the field (Luke 2:8-11). 

Is angelic ministry relevant for today? 

  1. If you think yes or no, why would that be so?
  2. Where do we need the ministry of angels? (Think of the many angel stories in the bible and the ones around Jesus birth and apply it for today)


It is clear that angels are not to be worshiped (Revelation 22:8-9). Our worship MUST go to the Father and our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Just like the biblical examples we have read about, we MUST be open to what God may be bringing our way through the ministry of angels.


  • Praise God for the ministry of angels. 
  • Pray that we become more sensitive to God’s will.
  • Pray that we will meet our construction timeline goals for our new location.


  • The first demo day for “A home for Joy” was successful. Let us know if you would like to help with the second demo day on November 30th. Email your interest to [email protected]
  • Pledge Sunday comes up on November 24. It will be a great day of worship, prayer, and giving.

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