Lesson Plan – January 16, 2019

Higher Ground for you

Read Matthew 17:1-9


There is no doubt that the experience of Jesus’ glorious transformation on the mountain before Peter, James and John left an undenialble mark in their lives. Later on Peter, a leading Apostle, makes a pointed reference to this experience in his epistle in 2 Peter 1:16-18.

The words “Higher Ground” is a call to climb higher with God in our faith journey. One meaning of Higher Ground relates to faith building spiritual experiences that God has prepared for us. Paul speaks of being changed “…from glory to glory.” Are you growing from glory to glory?

Discussing Higher Ground

What do you think the Lord was trying to accomplish by taking these three men up the mountain? Verse 1-4

What about Peter’s comment on the mountain and the response of the Voice from heaven? Verse 4-6

Going back to when you first got saved, describe how you see Jesus now. Has anything changed?

Have you listed your Higher Ground prayer requests for 2019?


A Higher Ground experience is a spiritual and life changing encounter. Without it nothing changes. John 3:26-27. Having been saved through professing belief in Christ there is much more the Lord is willing to do in and through you. Those growth changes are higher ground. If you desire to climb higher you will.  Please read Hebrews 6:9-12.


Thank you for your financial support in 2018. Scripture says “God loves a cheerful giver.” Please continue to support JFC with your financial gifts in 2019. We pray for a Divine harvest for you for seeds sown. Blessings upon you.

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