Lesson Plan – November 21, 2018

Scripture Reading: John 15:13-17, Isaiah 41:8


Friendship is one of the great gifts of life. It is the highest form of relationship between two or more people. Jesus the Son of God proves this by conferring friendship on His disciples after they had been with Him for a while. More so we see God calling Abraham his friend way back in Isaiah 41:8.

One of the best things you can have as you travel through life is good friendships. God placed His stamp of approval on the concept of friendship as we have seen from the two examples in our scripture texts.


Can you give one or two reasons why friendship is important?

Consider this in marriage, among siblings, co workers and business partners.

The Test of True Friendship

True friends share with you, care for you, protect, promote, encourage, are truthful (won’t lie to or about you), stand by you.

The disciples of Christ passed the test to be called friends.

How would you score yourself? Do you share or care?  


Do you have true friends? Have you been a friend indeed? Christians need to pray for the right kind of friends. We need friends who will spur us on to become better followers of Jesus. (Please read Hebrews 10:24-25)

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